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Brie De Meaux Truffle (~1kg) (Cow) - Les Freres Marchand

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Region: Ile-de-France - France
Milk: raw cow's milk
Dough: soft dough with a flowery rind
Weight: 3 kg
MG : 20% TEFD : 70%.

Maturing time: minimum 33 days

Tasting advice
It is enjoyed at the end of a meal, on a cereal bread, with a crunch of a fresh green grape berry. It is also used to make many culinary specialities from the Brie region: briard cakes, queen's bites at Brie de Meaux...
Wine pairing
Wine pairing If many like it with a strong red wine, such as Côtes du Rhône, Pomerol, or Pinot-Noir d'Alsace, it is with dry briard cider that Brie de Meaux goes best with it.

Appearance : white fluffy crust, strewn with reddish pigments. Straw yellow colour paste

Texture : pâte à consistance onctueuse, bien souple mais non coulante
Smell: developed bouquet, a slight fermentation smell
Taste : its dough made with a heart reveals a nutty taste

Brie de Meaux is said to originate from Notre-Dame-de-Jouarre Abbey.
This cheese was crowned "King of Cheeses" by Talleyrand (Ambassador of France to the United Kingdom (1830 - 1834), during the Congress of Vienna.
Talleyrand previously claimed that no cheese was worth Brie. Metternich (Prince of Metternich and Austrian diplomat), annoyed not to see his "Bavarian Blue" recognized as the best, decided to organize for the final banquet of the Congress a tasting of the fifty-two regional cheeses representing the different countries present at the Congress.
At the end of the tasting, it was Prince Metternich himself who proclaimed the Brie "King of Cheeses and Prince of Desserts".

Claudine is particularly keen to perpetuate the tradition of farmhouse production.
Cow's milk is collected and processed the same day.
The curd is moulded by hand with a "Brie shovel" and is salted with dry salt only.
The cheese is aged slowly and regularly for at least four weeks, during which time it is turned several times by hand.
Add summer truffle and let it mature for 3 days.

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