Dried Wild Morels (50G) - Plantin

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Founded in 1930 in the heart of Provence, Plantin are purveyors of the best quality truffles and woodland mushrooms varieties around the globe. They source from the best artisan producers who are experts and passionate on what they do and, they supply to top world restaurants, deli shops and gourmet food distributors.

Dry Morels Special Morchella Conica has a hazelnut flavour with powerful earthy aromas. Its rarity make one of the most popular mushrooms of the gourmets.

Morchella Conica is most popular in the cuisine world thanks to it amazing flavour.

Dried morels have a more intense, smokier flavour than fresh variety and available all year round.

They are amazing in risotto, in a cream base sauces.

Chef’s tip: Rehydrate for 1-2 hours and rinse well before use.


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