Sosa is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry. Sosa texturisers all share the same characteristics indispensable in the world’s finest kitchen; flavour neutrality and range of texture. 

The company started out in 1967 as a family business producing traditional Catalan biscuits. Today it offers more products, always focusing on the latest technology. The company knows that customers want to be delighted by something new, but it also knowns that some culinary secrets should be hidden. They ensure that their texturizing agents impart no flavour and don’t mask the flavours already present.

The company offers a huge range of products such as freeze dried fruits, texturisers, natural plant extracts, essential oils and a lot more all of which aim to provide you with endless possibilities for your creations. 

Their texturisers all share the same characteristics indispensable in the world's finest kitchens: flavour neutrality, maximum respect for the flavours in the product to be texturised and maximum efficiency in the texture to be developed. The company produces their ingredients following pillars of modern gastronomy- more flavour, less sugar, less fat and the creation of the contrasting textures.

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