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Mille Feuille Brillat Savarin With Truffle (240g) (Cow) - Les Freres Marchand

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Région : Ile-de-France, France
Lait : Pasteurized cow's milk
Pâte : Soft dough with bloomy rind
Poids : 240 g
MG : 24 %

Maturing time : 30 hours

Tasting advise
Brillat-Savarin is best eaten at the end of a meal with a slightly acidic bread such as Poilâne.
Wine pairing
A Saint-Emilion or a red Touraine will bring out its flavour, or also champagne.

Appearance : very regular shape and clean surface.
Feel : soft without elasticity.
Smell : slightly lactic and truffled.
Taste : sweet flavour, slightly acidic.

The Brillat-Savarin was created, on the request of some cheese makers, by the manufacturer of the Excelsior. It is the oldest fat-enriched cheese, invented at the end of the 19th century.
The idea was to present a cheese with a larger format than the archetype and which could be placed on the table at the occasion of high gastronomic level meals, in times when only one cheese was served, when it was tolerated.
Le Brillat-Savarin is named after an eminent French gastronome and politician to whom we owe the famous phrase "A meal without cheese is a beautiful thing that lacks heart".
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Its traditional manufacture is spread over several days. The moulding is done with a ladle.
The control of the drying process during its passage in the dryer is a determining and essential point for the good continuation of the maturing because it is a very wet cheese.
This stage requires the know-how of the ripener and appropriate facilities.

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