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Snow Crab Cooked Canada Frz (140-230G) (~2.27Kg) - Fresh Pack

Real weight could be changed approx. 100g-500g, and the prices will be charged according to the real weight.

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Indulge in the renowned Snow Crab from Canada - the king of crabs with its delicious taste and highly nutritious value!

Snow Crab - a pride of the icy cold seas, possesses unique characteristics:

  • Massive size: Known as the largest crab species in the world, Snow Crab can weigh up to 10kg.
  • Thick and vibrant shell: Adorned in bright red, the thick shell of the Snow Crab is rich in succulent meat.
  • Sweet and firm crab meat: The Snow Crab's white, tender meat is incredibly delicious, with a distinct and delicate flavor.
  • MSC-certified product: You can fully trust the origin and sustainability of this product.

At Classic Deli, we take pride in offering you the freshest Snow Crabs:

✅ Clear origins: Sourced from the Barents Sea and directly packaged in France, ensuring quality and food safety.

✅ Suitable for all occasions: From cozy family gatherings to elegant soirées, Snow Crab suits every customer's needs.

✅ Versatile preparations: Snow Crab can be transformed into various enticing dishes like salt-roasted, lemon-buttered, garlic-buttered, soups, and more.

Order today to experience the exquisite flavor of Snow Crab - a premium ocean delight! 

  • Packaging details: Packed in a convenient bag weighing approximately 2.27 Kg, sourced from France and stored in a frozen state.
  • Storage instructions: Keep frozen at -18°C. Do not refreeze once thawed to maintain product quality.
  • Usage directions: Thaw before preparation. Rinse with hot water to reduce saltiness during heating. Perfect for creating your favorite dishes: steamed (avoid boiling), stir-fried, garlic-buttered, soups, and more.

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