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Quantum Pro High Stockpot SS 7L with Lid (240xH150mm)

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Brand Introduction: - Quantum Pro is a high-end line of stainless steel cookware for F&B professionals Product Description: - Durable and cost-efficient: Made from STS 304, a high quality stainless steel, they are hard-wearing and 100% food-safe. From the bottom, heat travels along the sides and warms the pan rapidly, saving energy and cooking time. - Unique design: The base of every Quantum Pro™ cookware is made with a concavity of between 0.3% and 0.5%. This unique feature uses centripetal force to heat up food. At the same time, heat is apportioned evenly at the base to keep food warm for a long time, translating to significant savings on electricity. - Strong hardware: Quantum Pro™ products are corrosion- and heat-resistant, staying tough at a wide range of temperatures. The bottom is 3-ply thick, and features a middle layer made of aluminium, one of the best conductors of heat. Pot and pan handles are attached to the body by spot welding, ensuring they can sustain considerable weight and pressure. With an optimum thickness ranging from 0.8mm to 1.5mm, they are strong yet lightweight enough for easy handling. - Versatile and easy to clean: Quantum Pro™ products are suitable for use with a variety of cookers – glass, ceramic, gas, halogen, induction, as well as conventional stove cooking. Made to endure the harsh conditions of the professional kitchen, they can withstand daily cleaning, and are 100% dishwasher-safe.


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