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Ham Slicer Plain Blue Handle 255Mm

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Brand Introduction: - Over 30 years of establishment and development - from 1981 to now, Cutlery Pro has become a brand specializing in the production of professional kitchenware loved and trusted by chefs around the world. - All Cutlery-Pro products are the perfect combination of skillful production lines and the use of quality ingredients - helping you realize every kitchen idea. - Constantly developing and perfecting, Cutlery Pro always wants to give customers a unique and impressive experience through kitchenware with high quality, exquisite and varied designs. The company's maxim "We are professional for THE PROFESSIONAL". Product Description: - Made of durable and shiny carbon steel, make precise cuts for easier cutting without breaking, causing friction with the blade or sticking to the blade. - Knives are made monolithally from the blade to the handle. The outside of the handle is covered with a solid rubberized plastic layer that creates comfort and safety for the fingers, avoiding the case of a broken blade leaving the handle, causing injury when used. - Knives are manufactured in accordance with the provisions of HACCP and NSF approved to ensure products safe for consumers' health. Cutlery-Pro knives do not interact chemically with food and do not produce toxins during use. - Perfect blades for outstanding performance; stay sharp longer; Easily to bone fish, poultry, cutlet and more. - Luxurious design, diverse colors easy to choose.


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