Leon Chaillot

Leon Chaillot

Leon Chaillot is a long-standing French charcuteries (dry-cured pork meats) producer. The brand started at 1870s, they started their pig farm and produced the finest charcuterie in the region. The products originates from Ardèche which are the wonderful mountainous region (the Ardèche was certified as organic and had PGI - Protected Geographical Indication certification). They value their product quality the most, from raw materials to production techniques and refined formulations, all specifications strictly follow recipes to ensure a traditional taste.

Leon Chaillot brand turns their back on overly industrial methods and uses traditional one, in turn creating masterpieces of unique french charcuteries (saucisson, rosette, barou). Despite a large amount of product production, around 1200 ton per year, they always guarantee the authenticity of a centuries-old heritage taste of french charcuteries.

In order to protect the sustainability of the mountain, they are breeding pig alongside with cow. Animals are nurtured by the biodiversity and vegetation of the Ardèche mountains. Their charcuteries receive the scent of forest mushrooms because of the wonderful natural flora. They are known for their unique and one-of-a-kind flavors that you might not want to forget.

Their finest french charcuteries from Massif Central included: Rosette, Saucisson, BarouSaucisse sèche

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