Louis Francois

Louis Francois

With a century of experience creating premium products, Louis Francois is a leader in speciality and technical baking ingredients. Focused on innovation and precision, the company creates products that are essential to all pastry chefs. 

The company was founded by Louis Francois in 1908, a self-taught inventor with an active interest in preservation, texture and emulsion issues that could be applied into various food application. 100 years on, the company still retains Francois’ passion and drive for excellence.

It is a creator of a wide range of products intended for bread, pastry, chocolate, confectionary, ice cream and gastronomy all over the world. All products are based on natural products; from gelatine, to many types of pectin.

The company offers products perfect for vegan and vegetarian recipe development- replacing traditional products but ensuring quality and consistency. The extensive selection of ingredients are designed to meet your, and your customers, needs. 

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