Organic Avococo Oil (314ml) - La Tourangelle

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Cooking Temperature: raw, fried, stir-fried
Cooking Uses: baking, smoothies
Flavor: coconut & avocado, everyday cooking oil


If you are searching for an all-natural, nutrient-packed enhancement to your cooking endeavors and body care products, look no further than La Tourangelle's Almond Oil. Expertly expeller-pressed using the unique tradition of our Loire Valley French roots, our oil delivers the best in fullness, flavor, smoothness and health benefits.

Grapes have seduced humans for centuries with their fabled red and white nectars. But they have another tempting aspect as well. When pressed, tiny grapeseeds yield green-colored oil with remarkable properties. La Tourangelle Expeller-Pressed Grapeseed Oil has a light flavor and contains a high level of polyunsaturated fat. It can also be heated up to 450°F, making it an ideal healthy cooking partner.

Cooking Temperature: High
Cooking Uses: Sauté, fry, grill
Flavor: Neutral, everyday cooking oil

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