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Raclette Round 45% (~5kg) - Emmi

Real weight could be changed approx 100g-500g, and the prices will be charged according to the real weight.

Price per KG : 851,000vnd/KG


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Emmi Group is the largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe. Our dedicated cheesemakers and skilled craftsmen follow strict Swiss guidelines that are often centuries old--to bring you flavors that go beyond ordinary.

Raclette - cow's milk semi soft cheese. White to light yellow paste with small holes, supple and firm, uncooked and pressed. The name of this Savoie's cheese derives from racler, meaning to scrape, and describes how it is eaten in the mountains.

The cheese is cut and heated on a spit so that it melts and can be scraped off with a knife. It is usually accompanied by potatoes boiled in their skins and pickles. Its paste is slightly hard but melts well, with a light smell of mold when warm, and full milky flavor. Compliments: Goes well served over boiled potatoes or with gherkins. Appropriate wines: Muscat, Jura's wines, some red light Burgundy wines. Percentage of Fat: 45% - Raclette Round 45% (~6kg) - Emmi

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