Corsiglia has been making some of the finest candied fruits and chestnuts for over 125 years, combining 6 generations of traditional family knowledge with finest ingredients possible, it is recognised and used by some of the best chef's and confectioners in the world.

Since 1896, and for 6 generations, Corsiglia has been master confectioners bringing together the finest ingredients and traditional methods.

The company is a champion of the use of traditional methods for candying fruits and chestnuts. These methods guarantee the natural taste of the fruit shines through, with only enough sugar added for stability. The candying process takes from 7-10 days, much slower than others, so that the chestnut absorbs the syrup slowly- creating a product that is succulent throughout and full of flavour. 

With a combined vision and attention to detail, the company only selects the best ingredients from Italian chestnuts to using only Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla and only using just enough sugar for preservation and stability so that it can be transported to chef's around the world.

The company has a comprehensive range of marron glacés, pasts, purees and candied fruit, ideal for your pastry decoration, as well as amenities. A bespoke personalisation services is also available for marrons glacés so that you can showcase your establishment with this world-renowned product. 

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