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Black Truffle Extra 1St Boiling (27.5G) - Tuber Melanosporum-Plantin

"1st boiling" black truffles are only cooked once to keep their valuable aromas. That is why the greatest Chefs prefer this method. Simply shaved the truffle over your dish and serve. 

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Founded in 1930 in the heart of Provence, Plantin are purveyors of the best quality black truffles and woodland mushrooms varieties around the globe. They source from the best artisan producers who are experts and passionate on what they do and, they supply to top world restaurants, deli shops and gourmet food distributors.

Whole Preserved Black Truffle 1st Boling is an excellence product to have in your kitchen. 

Plantin provides a range of seasonal truffles all year around with the best Winter, Summer & Autumn Black truffles. A large range of truffle produces as an alternative to fresh truffles available all year around. Plantin is particularly famed for the purity and the high quality of their truffle oil. 

Whole Preserved Black Truffles are a great addition to egg dishes such as scrambled eggs and fried eggs. Black truffles are excellent as a topping on pizzas, as well as with creamy pastas and in a risotto. The simple touch of shaved black truffles on top of simple dishes will elevate them to fine dining. Don’t forget to use the juice from the black truffles. The juice is perfect for sauces, add it at the last moment. If you wish to increase the flavour of your dishes, drizzle them with Plantin Black Truffle Oil

Whole Preserved Black Truffles should not be eaten raw. To make the most of their incredible flavour heat them gently. 

The type: Tuber Melanosporum

Storage advice: Keep in a dry and cool place.

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About Plantin

Today leader on the French truffle market, PLANTIN was created in 1930 in Vaucluse, in the heart of one of the main truffle-producing areas. Their team unceasingly searches the globe to find the very best varieties of mushrooms and truffles like the amazing Tuber melanosporum.

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