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Tenderloin Yg Msa Grass Fed Aus (~2kg) - Margaret River Fresh

Real weight could be changed approx. 100g-500g, and the prices will be charged according to the real weight.


(₫1,570,000 KG)

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Sorry, we're temporarily out of stock


Margaret River Premium Meat Exports is a vertically integrated Wagyu beef business. We produce premium branded "Margaret River Wagyu Beef" and export it to many countries. Commencing business at Cowaramup in 2003, the company now owns the largest herd of cross bred Wagyu in Western Australia, with the aim of becoming a 100% Pure Bred Wagyu herd. We employ a network of farmers throughout the Southwest who manage the breeding, backgrounding and feeding of the Wagyu cattle.

The tenderloin is a long thin muscle located on either side of the cow's vertebrae. Because the muscle is used very little during the steer's life, this cut is exceptionally tender. It is also rather lean. Tenderloins can be roasted whole, but are often cut into tenderloin steaks (aka filet mignon).
These whole beef tenderloins are sold with the extra side muscle on but have been trimmed of most of their surface fat.


Store grass-fed beef tenderloins in your refrigerator until you're ready to use them. For extended storage, freeze them individually and store them in your freezer in a sealed container with as much of the air pushed out as possible (packed in vacuum bags would be even better).


Grass-fed beef tenderloins can be roasted whole in a 450 degree oven or sliced into tenderloin steaks. They can be sliced paper thin and served as Carpaccio with lemon & capers. Tenderloins pair well with sauces, particularly those involving red wine, mushrooms, pan drippings, shallots, black pepper, cream or butter.


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