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Dried Black Trumpet (50G) - Plantin

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Founded in 1930 in the heart of Provence, Plantin are purveyors of the best quality truffles and woodland mushrooms varieties around the globe. They source from the best artisan producers who are experts and passionate on what they do and, they supply to top world restaurants, deli shops and gourmet food distributors.

The black trumpet is growing in the European forests.

Black Trumpet a relative of the Chanterelle. They are great delicacy. This fruity-fragrant, brittle fleshed mushroom is shaped like an inverted trumpet or vase, with a black to very dark grey cap about 2-7cm wide.

Chef’s tip: The Dry Black Trumpet is an ideal side dish for duck or veal, and it is perfect for the preparations with egg (omelette, scrambled eggs). They can also be used in patés or terrines

Rehydrate in water for 1-2 hours and rinse well.

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About Plantin

Today leader on the French truffle market, PLANTIN was created in 1930 in Vaucluse, in the heart of one of the main truffle-producing areas. Their team unceasingly searches the globe to find the very best varieties of mushrooms and truffles like the amazing Tuber melanosporum.

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