Bormano Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500ml) - Late Harvest - Terre Bormane

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Late harvest

Terre Bormane offers a compendium of the sea and the Ponentine inland: all that the land of Liguria can offer becomes the star of the range of this company’s specialities. Naturally under the shade of olive trees. Not just any olive trees however, but those that produce the splendid Taggiasca olives, the very symbol of fine food in Liguria.

The Ligurians, before the Roman Legions came to our valleys, adored “Bormanus”, the God of woods and waters. The tradition of the good oil continues from these forgotten legends of fauns and divinities. “Bormano”, the severe guardian of the woods, guarantees the genuineness of this very special Ligurian virgin olive oil.

It is a genuine oil, with a delicate and gentle scent and a sweet and fragrant aroma, tending toward a delicate taste of almond. It is produced with ripe olives of “Taggiasca” quality, respecting the ancient methods handed down for many centuries.


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