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Tomahawk 3 Ribs Black Angus Bone In 200Days Gf Aus (~6kg) - Stockyard

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Tomahawk 3 Ribs was taken from the angus beef of Stockyard is flavoured by its tenderness and charming taste. Let's explore on the brand and our premium Tomahawk Angus!

1. About Stockyard

Stockyard brand specialises in producing the highest quality products such as grain fed beef, premium Angus beef and especially the Wagyu. Since 1958, Stockyard has strongly improved and invested in developing the quality of the supply chain. They focus on the quality of their beef which needs to be consistent and satisfy demand of leading retailers and professional chefs in diverse places! To do that they need to monitor and supervise their production activity closely. 

2. Stockyard Tomahawk Angustus

This Tomahawk angus 3 Ribs is made from the Grain Fed Black Angus Stockyard and comes in 6 kg per pack. Augustus cattle from Stockyard are specifically selected for their special formulated grain feeding performance to produce a consistent texture and flavour. This kind of beef meat is very well-known in most high-end and fine-dining restaurants all over the world. Angus beef was flavoured by its tenderness and charming taste. 


Tomahawk angus are ribeye cut, but not the same as the traditional one, they leaves the bone intact. Because it was taken from the ribs of beef, Tomahawk taste is unique, thanks to the beef's fat and muscle. This Tomahawk 3 Ribs of Stockyard is non GMO and hormone-free. 

Cooking tips: Angustus Tomahawk 3 Ribs can be cooked by pan-seared, steak, grilled in the oven, or even smoked, also perfect choices. Ensure storing Tomahawk at 34-40°F in the refrigerator. Put them in the bottom drawer or in a separate drawer.

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