Cotoliva is a Spanish brand with 170 years of olive oil production experience, olives are selected for only their quality at the peak of  season. This premium olive oil  has an iridescent lemony yellow color and a refreshing fruity aroma, reminiscent of fresh tomatoes and apples.

olive oil

Two selection of olive oil: Extra Virgin & Pomace

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Usually used for salad dressing): Keeps the full characteristic flavor and nutritional content. This unrefined oil, known as the "Extra Virgin", is rich in free fatty acids that are easily broken down by heat. Cold pressed, not using heat.

2. Refined Olive Oil (Used for Cooking): Refined oils, which are extracted by heat, by removing some of the free fatty acids and therefore have a higher smoke point. Great for fried dishes or stir-fries with higher temperatures.

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