Bordier is one of the finest artisanal butter and cheese producing companies in France. The company creates premium quality dairy products by sourcing the best organic milk from Brittany and Normandy and using traditional methods of production.

The founder of the company, Jean Yses-Bordier is a third generation cheese and butter maker with 35 years experience. His moto for the business is "give time to time". He chooses traditional methods he was taught as a child over industrial process, taking 3 days to produce butter by hand.

Bordier is the last artisan butter maker in France still kneading their churned butter with wooden teak paddles, a technique that has not been changed since the 19th century. All the portion and bricks are moulded by expert hands with wooden palettes, to preserve texture. 

Only excellent milk is sourced from Brittany and South Normandy, supporting local farmers who work organically, and with sustainable practices. Once the cream has been collected it is left to mature slowly for 2 days, developing it's aromatic complexity. Depending on the season the butter can change aromatic profiles; spring is floral, summer is caramel and autumn is toasted. 

The Bretton salt is added gradually, until the butter begins to 'cry'- leaving nothing but complex flavours with a smooth and fudgy texture. 

Bordier butter flavours are inspired by chefs, for chefs. You can choose the shape, size and flavour of your butter and even customise it with you name or logo stamped on a butter medallion.

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