Whole Toothfish Gutted Head Off (4-6kg) - Fresh Pack

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Real weight could be changed approx. 100g-500g, and the prices will be charged according to the real weight.

Price per KG : 1,950,000vnd/KG


Freshpack, established in 1982 by Jacques DUTERTRE and Freddy PAQUE, is a French company specialised in frozen seafood  and the manufacturing of snacking, ready meals, quality, creative and innovative added-value products.

Patagonian toothfish, aka Chilean seabass, is a big fish that can weigh 100 pounds headed-and-gutted although the average is closer to 20 pounds. The fish tends to be processed and frozen at sea. It’s then sometimes sold “refreshed” headed-and-gutted, as loins and skinless fillets. Most commonly it’s sold frozen in skinless fillets or headed-and-gutted. The meat is tender, moist and moderately oily with large, thick flakes. When raw the meat will be snow white and when cooked it will stay white.

A refined and delicate taste, a generous & tender white flesh!

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