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Find our recipe ideas with "Butter Seaweed (125G) - Bordier"

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Find our recipe ideas with "Butter Seaweed (125G) - Bordier"

Butter Seaweed (125G) - Bordier

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In 1985, Bordier became a butter artisan in his own right and acquired the venerable La Maison du Buerre Creamery.

A seafarer’s butter, it draws its intensity from seaweed filled with iodine, and colors your plates with its lovely tones of red, green and black. An obvious choice for your seafood and shellfish dishes, it packs a real “wow” factor with a cut of rare red meat. The first flavored butter in John-Yves Bordier’s collection, this brackish blend of seaweed and salted butter perfectly captures the naturally tonic and iodic flavors intrinsic to the coastal terrain of Breton. Pairs beautifully with seafood!

Plants have to be washed in salt water and dehydrated at low temperatures (35-40°C or 95-104°F). It takes 9 months to make a child, and 5 months to make seaweed!
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About Bordier

Bordier is one of the finest artisanal butter and cheese producing companies in France. The company creates premium quality dairy products by sourcing the best organic milk from Brittany and Normandy and using traditional methods of production.

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