PCB Creation is world renowned for their expertise and innovation in pastry decorations. From technical raw ingredients to final decorations, PCB Creation offers the complete solution for a pastry chef.

Their range of decorations offer the quality and precision needed to guarantee premium decoration with perfect finishing. The company collaborates with top chefs and designers from around the world to develop new collections and products that will offer you endless inspiration. A highly-trained team of in-house designers are dedicated to their personalisation service. These bespoke will help you create a unique identity for your creations. Their INGREDIUM range is composed of four product categories: Texturisers & Starch, Acids and Salts, Emulsifiers and Stabilisers, and Sugars and Derivatives.  

INGREDIUM represents a wide range of pastry solutions carefully selected and formulated by their Research and Development team, in close collaboration with pastry chefs, to bring solutions to culinary hurdles and open up an infinite universe of creation in pastry, confectionary and gastronomy.

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