Cinq Degrés Ouest

Cinq Degrés Ouest

Based in Lorient, Cinq Degres Ouest combines exceptional quality lobster and advanced technology to provide the freshest blue lobster and shellfish for chefs around the Europe.

Cinq Degres Ouest uses breakthrough technology to create a more ecological and efficient way of harvesting lobster. The lobster meat is removed from shell through an innovative high pressure process that doesn't damage the meat. The meat is inspected by hand to ensure no traces of shell are left. It is then cryogenically frozen so the flavour and texture are both kept intact. Their freezing process makes seasonal products available all year round.

Their products are easy and convenient to use. They are packaged separately so you only defrost exactly what you need and it gives you the ultimate ease of cooking and perfect portion control.

The company believes in the importance of quality and sustainability. Their Blue and Canadian Lobster are both Sashimi grade and MSC certified as a sustainable seafood.

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