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Camomille (1G)*500 - Herbal Tea - Dammann Frères

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Camomille (or chamomile ) comes from the brand Dammann Frères

Brand Dammann Frères is a premium and oldest tea brand in France. This premium tea brand dates back to 1692. Renowned and loved for its unique and elegant flavors. The tea flavors are diverse, from rich and passionate to more ethereal ones.

chamomile tea bags

It can be said that the taste of Dammann Frères tea is very natural, from fragrant floral notes to sweet fruit flavors. This will definitely be a premium tea brand for the most discerning tea guests.

Tea from Dammann Frères have natural taste from premium tea leaves, flower, and dry fruits. The best ingredients are carefully chosen for unique and beautiful taste of high-end tea.

In terms of chamomile, this kind of tea definitely a perfect combination of dry camomile and herbal tea leaves. Those chamomile tea bags from Dammann is a very soothing, delicious that refreshes both your body and spirit. This tea not only has fresh notes of apple, honey-like, but also a beautiful notes from herbal. 

You can unwind by enjoying your camomille with your favorite recipes. Honey, cinnamon, lemon juice and almond milk would be a great choice giving the calming effect and enhance your taste. 

Apart from camomille , Dammann provide a large range of premium tea such as Mandarine Jasmin, Earl grey and more.


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