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Lava Green Trendy Mini Casserole 0.35L

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Brand introduction:

- With more than 40 years of experience in the production of professional cookware, Lava creates products that meet the highest standards of quality.

- Lava incorporates advanced metal enamelling and forming technologies, each of which is thoroughly tested in Lava's laboratory and test kitchen to confirm full compliance with quality standards. Strict quality and meet the required international standards.



Product Description:

- LAVA pot is made from cast iron, complete with three layers of beautiful porcelain glaze on the outside. The pot is also heated through 2 times and covered with a special black paint inside to link into cast iron to create the beauty, durability as well as achieve maximum cooking performance.

- The handle is integrated with the pot to make holding the product as well as moving from the stove to the oven more convenient. The lid is fitted tightly to the surface of the pot to keep the product cooked inside as well as the flavor of the dish to be kept longer.

- With high-class cast iron surface ensure that appetizers, main dishes or even desserts are cooked evenly and deliciously. The heat is distributed evenly and retains the nutrients of the food perfectly until finished cooking. Basically, you can stew meat, braise meat, fry chicken, cook rice and many other cooking options waiting for you.

- LAVA's products are compatible with most heating appliances such as ovens, outdoor grills and is rated temperature up to 500 ° F. After buying the product, just wash it with water, dry and start cooking without having to soak the spices to rinse before using.

- The product can be used with dishwashers and detergents, making cleaning simpler and easier.


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