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White Stainless Steel Chainman Glove Lacor 39169 (One piece)

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Brand Introduction:

- Lacor Menaje Profesional S.L. has been a leader in Spain and Europe for over 60 years in manufacturing commercial quality kitchen utensils and equipment.

- Lacor Professionnel thrives to meet the expectations of professional chefs and connoisseurs.

- Lacor is constantly developping and extending its large range of stainless steel kitchenwares. Their products are designed for cooking, preparation and pastry and are perfect for use in home kitchens as well, while ensuring professional-grade quality at an exceptional value.


Product Description:

- We are accustomed to seeing in fishmongers or butchers offer maximum protection in the preparation of certain foods, especially in spare parts.

- This cota glove five finger incorporates removable strap on your wrist for attachment. It is reversible for use with both right hand and left.

- The cota glove is easy to wash and disinfect. It is manufactured in stainless steel, material that provides excellent resistance to corrosion and to food acids and salts, fats and oils, and which does not transmit strange food flavors.

- This cota glove has identification code for tracking service and conforms to directives on food items and the normative in-1082 (EC Directive 89/686/EEC and AN 1082-1:1996) relating to personal protective equipment.

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